This Department provides its services with well experience and profound knowledge to commercial sole proprietorship establishments, companies, whether being partnerships (General partnership, Limited partnership, Joint venture), or corporations (Joint stock companies, Closed stock companies, Partnership limited by shares, Limited Liability company, Cooperative and Insurance Companies, or companies withvariablecapital, and Foreign Investments Companies, at both levels locally and internationally,acknowledgment and appreciation to the specialized staff that we have in the Group, as to the following:

Our Services to the Sole Proprietorship Entities

  • Preparing and drafting legal contracts to be concluded among parties, reviewing, vetting all related contracts, and provide counsels in relation there to.
  • Preparing Labor Law internal regulations after studying the Establishment’s status and faculties, then endorsing these regulations by the Saudi Ministry of Labor
  • Drawing-upadministrative and organizational structures, job descriptions, and employment scale and cadre, and wages and reward policies.
  • Providing legal opinion and consultation in relation to the interpretation of laws, regulations and other legal matters, suggesting the ideal legal solutions in all contentious matters, allegations and claims
  • Representing the establishment in all cases to be filed by or against it before courts of law, judiciary and arbitrations bodies,of all types and different grades.

Our Services to Companies

  • Drafting the articles of association and bylaws in light of the company’s activities and objectives.
  • Establishing companies locally and abroad in accordance with the laws, regulations and decisions regulating it.
  • Drafting and formulating Company’s Governance Policy
  • Representing companies (under foundation) before all competent authorities, and resolving all impediments encountered during its process.
  • Drafting placement memorandum and prospectus of joint stock companies, reviewing it from the legal perspectives as to its compliance with the requirements issued by the relevant authorities
  • Preparing the invitation of subscription in the joint stock companies in in light of the special terms of the memorandum enshrined in the Law of Companies , regulating decisions as issued by the Capital Market Authority and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Following up all legal matters of companies in connection with its activities and obligations.
  • Preparation of internal regulations and rules of the companies, including the option right of purchasing stocks by employees.
  • Carrying out the conversion and merger of companies, liquidation, and bankruptcy transactions.
  • Incorporation of insurance companies, and obtaining the necessary approvals from the competent authorities
  • Providing business services other than what mentioned hereinabove

Our Services Related to Investment

  • Founding local and international investment funds, satisfying all procedures to regulate securities trading and establishing the investment fund, preparing data as required by the fund regulations
  • Management of investment funds and financial portfolios.
  • Preparing and drafting subscription and custodian agreements and other related agreements.
  • Drafting subscription invitation and the prospectus
  • Drafting the articles of association and bylaws of the investment companies
  • Providing legal opinion on the valuation and redemption right and trading of stocks or investment units