In light of the wide spreading, ease and rapid transfer of information, the genuine need to know rights and obligations, and the legal stance about any intended project, this Department has undertakento provide legal and advisory consultation services by distinctive consultants covering all legal and Sharia’h aspects in relation to the laws and regulations applicable in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, includingconducting the required due diligence, as follows:

Commercial Companies Business Sector:

In relation to: setup, subscriptions, shares, conversion, merger, dissolution, liquidation, bankruptcy, and all works and procedures in connection with the activities of the commercial companies, whether being partnerships, such as general partnership, limited partnership, Joint adventure, or being a corporations, such as joint stock company, closed joint stock company, public company, Partnership limited by shares, limited liability company, corporative or insurance company, within the companies of variable capital, and foreign companies, at local, regional or international level.

Banking, Financial, Accounting and Administration Sector

This Sector covers funding assets, project finance and financial structure, legal claims related to loans, credit services and lenders, including bankruptcy state, and all legal and procedural aspects related to financial, administrative issues .


In relation to: (establishing investment fund and laydown its terms in accordance with the local and international regulations, setting procedures requiredto regulate trading in securities, its evaluation, redemption, transfer of shares, or investment units, which cover, assets and project financing, financial structure, legal claims attributed to loans, creditors and lenders services, bankruptcy, and all financial, accounting and administrative matters at both level; procedural and legal.


Rendering legal opinion on all types of insurance, whether within the scope of property insurance or medical insurance or protection and savings insurance, or vehicle insurance in accordance with the laws of the relevant insurance regulations in Saudi Arabia, including procedural aspects covering insurance policies and limits of insurance coverage and risks excluded from insurance, protection against the consequences of death or permanent disability, totally, partially or temporary of individuals or groups, and all disputes arising from the application of insurance contract, and the steps that must be followed upon filing a complaint or lawsuit against an insurance company


In terms of: Counseling on application of the law of expropriation of property for public benefit, Realty Units Ownership Law and its partition, Law of Realty Ownership & Investment by Non-Saudis, and development of real estate projects, in accordance with applicable regulations and used in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the conclusion of lease and management of real estate contracts, and in general, covering all respect in relation to the real estate investment activity, as having become the most attractive sectors for investment in the Kingdom, due to the new enacted legislations related to the development of investment in the real estate.


Provide legal and Sharia’h counseling with respect to transactions and contracts of all types, study of commercial contracts, exclusive agencies of global companies, distribution and franchise contracts in accordance with the procedural steps required by the law regulating these types of contracts, provide legal advices and all necessary legal guidance thereon drafting those contracts in order to protect rights and legal standings, starting from negotiation stage, going through reviewing and vetting and reconciliation, and ending with documentation and attestation by the relevant and competent authorities, in light of the provisions and decisions related to the local law in force in Saudi Arabia, with particular focus on the new enacted laws followed the Kingdom’s accession to the World trade Organization



Parol Consultation

by attending to the Headquarter of the Group during the official working hours and meet one of the specialist along with the documents and papers on the subject for review. A legal opinion shall be rendered at once or anotherappointment shall be set for feedback should it appears that the subject needs further investigation

Written Consultation

Any individual or institution may request written legal consultation on any topic of their concern, which will be provided as soon as possible. However, legal consultation shall be supported by legal evidence and materials applicable to be the subject in question.

Online counseling

In which, any individual or institution may request via the electronic mail of the Group, to be provided with consultation by sending all details of the subject, which will be examined by one of our specialists and an opinion shall be provided as soon as possible with the warrant of confidentiality of all information and details duly furnished by the client.