Research and Training Department

Research & Training Department

This Department is responsible to document successful cases and follow-up judicial rulings in an electronic library as a legal reference to be used by lawyers and staff, including those working in the judiciary field as well.

This shall include:

  • Preparation and publication of legal studies and research. The Department has a number of legal, human rights researches.
  • Follow up on all laws, and new regulations, international conventions within the KSA and abroad, undertaking its translation and interpretation whilst retaining copies of them.
  • Drafting and conducting legal researches and studies at the request of individuals, institutional bodies, covering its purposes and the latest updates in the field.
  • Develop professional cadres trained by a team of high level of expertise.
  • Raise awareness by using modern methods applied in administration development in light of the laws and regulations and mechanism of new Labor Law.
  • At request, conduct specialized courses for employees of institutions and companies, according to the high standards, to accommodate all disciplines, engaging the highest efficiencies from all over the world in a partnership with legal, engineering, medical, economic, financial, administrative, regulatory firms, and others
  • Establishing training and development centers inside and outside the Kingdom, and implementing a variety of training packages.