This Department is engaged in drafting all contracts and agreements of all types (civil, commercial and administrative), whether with individuals or companies at domestic and international level, including reviewing, negotiating its terms and conditions with third parties, providing solutions and legal proposals on the impediments of its execution, and claim rights arising there from through all legitimate means, utilizing the decisions of the local laws in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the new enacted laws following the Kingdom’s accession to the World trade Organization. we set hereunder some of these contracts:

  • Formulation articles of association of commercial companies pursuant to its activity and objectives.
  • Drafting legal contracts to be concluded between companies or institutions with a third party, reviewing and studying contracts associated with them and provide legal opinion in relation thereto
  • Preparation of administrative and organizational structures, job description and wage policies and bonuses for all companies and institutions.
  • Preparation of internal work regulations after studying the present status of the firm, company or institution, including its faculties, then arrange to approve these regulations by the Saudi Ministry of Labor.
  • Drafting employment contracts in a manner ensuring organizing the labor relationship between the employee and his sponsor, in order to be aware of his rights and duties and obligations towards the employer.
  • Drafting articles of association and bylaws for the investment incorporation, drafting subscription invitation, preparing prospectus data, and all relevant agreements.
  • Drafting domestic and foreign investment agreements for investment companies covering all its aspects.
  • Drafting projects investment contracts taking into consideration the expansion of the mechanisms of a free economy.
  • Drafting commercial contracts and exclusive agencies for global companies and distribution contracts and concessions.
  • Preparing documentation of commercial loans, drafting and reviewing various Islamic contracts such as Istisna’a, Murabaha, Mudaraba, Musharaka and Ijara contract and others.
  • Drafting all real estate contracts, such as and not limited to, lease and management of real estate on the most favorable terms, real estate investment, and turn-key, sales, purchasing, hire purchase, mortgages and other contracts that comply with Islamic law and regulations regulating real estate in the Kingdom.
  • Drafting of real state financing contracts, construction and implementation, and the supply of equipments and real estate supplies
  • Drafting engineering, design of buildings and architecture consultant contracts, supervision of design and implementation, and Contracting in general.
  • Formulation of mortgage contracts and bank loans, follow-up its registration and cancellation, inside and outside the Kingdom.